Academics and Curriculum

Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School curriculum is anchored by our Mission statement and focuses on educating the whole child. We believe college preparation begins with the first day of preschool and continues through Grade 12. We strive to instill strong academic and social skills in all students through the use of a challenging curriculum and dedicated staff. We strive to ensure that each student is encouraged to achieve. Not all students are the same. We help every student understand that hard work is as important as mental capacity when setting goals.

Because so much is at stake, curriculum reviews are conducted with great care. The following steps comprise the process:

  • Studying research in the subject area
  • Comparison with other schools/programs
  • Focus groups comprised of teachers, and if deemed appropriate, parents
  • Technical content analysis reviewed by staff

Selection is made by school administration after completion of these steps:

  • Review of compiled data
  • Review of proposed tests/materials
  • Review of teacher/parent recommendations
  • Evaluation of strengths and weakness of each program
  • Balancing scope/sequence with program

The selected program is then ordered in the spring for implementation in the fall of the following school year. We then assess the program after the first year of implementation and make any necessary adjustments.