Believe & Read @ MQP!

Great news! Believe and Read is coming to

Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School!





We are thrilled to be a Believe and Read school!

Powered by the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence and in partnership with Groves Academy, a national leader in literacy instruction, Believe and Read is a three-year initiative that brings Groves Academy’s methodology to Mary Queen of Peace through outstanding professional development and teacher coaching. Our goal is to ensure that every student at our school reads at or above grade level. 

All students who participate in Believe and Read will benefit — struggling readers become proficient, and good readers become great ones! 

How Believe and Read works: 

  • Literacy coaches from Groves Academy will work with our teachers (K-2 in  2021-22, and K-3 starting 2022-23) over a three-year period using a “train the trainer” model.  
  • In addition to building students’ vocabulary and comprehension skills through  their regular reading lesson, teachers will incorporate a daily 30-minute phonics-based lesson to ensure students are grasping the reading rules they’ll need to achieve fluency. 
  • Many of the lesson plans are scripted, so teachers will know exactly how and when to introduce each letter, along with its sounds, and how to build up to words from there.  
  • These lessons use a multi-sensory approach that explicitly teaches the connections between letters and sounds. 
  • Our teachers will get weekly support and feedback from their literacy coach,  along with assistance in tracking student progress through routine assessments. 

For more information, please reach out to Principal Mrs. Hamill: