School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council assists and advises the principal and pastor in the formation and review of policies that govern the operation of the school.  Members of the Council must be age 18+, and active parishioners and/or parents of Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School students.  Officers are selected within this group and are delegated roles that facilitate in policy revision and formation.  The Advisory Council balances the concerns and needs of faculty, parents, parish and the greater Mary Queen of Peace Community in the formation and adoption of policies.

Advisory Council meetings will be held on the third Thursday of every other month beginning in September. They are open to the public and will be placed on the school calendar.  Information from the meetings will be posted on the school website.  When deemed appropriate by the pastor, principal or chair, the Advisory Council will have a closed meeting.  Notice of the meeting will be sent home to Mary Queen of Peace families beforehand and minutes of the meeting will be published in the same manner as regular meeting minutes.

Any individual wishing to make a presentation to the chair should contact the School Advisory Chairperson to be put on the official agenda.  Presentations should be limited to 10 minutes. The Council will not take action on issues brought forward on the day they are presented.  They will act on concerns that are in the best interest of the students, parents and Mary Queen of Peace parish community.

Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School 2023-2024 School Advisory Council:

Father Mark Pavlik, Pastor – Mary Queen of Peace Church and School

Kate Hamill, Principal – Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School

Parish Trustees: Brian Edison, Sara Rieland

Parent Representatives: Paula Higgins, Tera Kane, Scott Pugh

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