Thank you for supporting the MQP Marathon!

MQP to participate in a Service Marathon this fall

While we cannot hold our annual Marathon for Nonpublic Education in its usual form, we have switched gears to a service marathon. The theme is “Saintly Service” – students will be completing service projects within their classes on Friday, October 9th during the school day. They are collecting pledges to our school for their service efforts. 100% of pledged dollars stay with our school, helping make Catholic education an affordable option for all students.

A variety of service projects will be completed, including writing letters to parishioners of MQP and residents of The Wellstead in Rogers, who have been isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Update – thank you for your support!

MQP surpassed this year’s fundraising goal by receiving just over $11,000 in donations. Classrooms spent time writing letters, drawing pictures, and making projects for those that need some extra cheer during this time.