Our School

Welcome to Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School!

Building a Firm Foundation Since 1857

We help students get the most out of life. Our students start in preschool as early as three years old and are with us through 5th grade. We have two main goals as a school. First, we are a Catholic school charged with teaching the faith. Second, we are excellent in the academic field. Our goal is to show every student that they can achieve great things. Our results prove they can.

Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School is a Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade accredited, archdiocesan Roman Catholic School located in a northwestern suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are supported by Mary Queen of Peace Parish and provide a faith based environment that emphasizes strong academic skills and values essential for life-long success.

Catholic education goes way back to the time of Lincoln in this area. We are glad to carry on the tradition of an affordable alternative to the local public school. Our schools began their career by competing with one room school houses and today we are in competition with the modern suburban public system. This change in our competitor has helped us grow and change with the times. However the fundamentals of solid academics seen through the lens of faith helps our students continue to succeed at remarkable rates.