Box Tops / Labels for Education/Caps for Aveda

Collection boxes are available in the MQP school office, and at the back of both St Martin and St. Walburga.

About Box Tops for Education®

Give Generously Without Spending a Cent!

Imagine what a difference 1 could make. Box Tops for Education has helped our kids’ schools earn over $300 million. Break it down, that’s $3,200 per school!

The Box Tops program was established in 1996 and has three main components through which we can earn cash for our school:

  • Box Tops Coupons – Clip Box Tops coupons from hundreds of participating products found in your local grocery store and turn them in to our school. MQP School earns 10¢ for each Box Top redeemed.
  • Box Tops Marketplace® – Shop online at your favorite stores like JCPenney and Lands’ End through the Box Tops for Education Marketplace. MQP School earns eBoxTops with each qualifying purchase at no additional cost to you. Learn more about the Box Tops Marketplace.
  • Box Tops Reading Room – Buy books through the Box Tops Reading Room and MQP school earns up to 6% of each qualifying purchase. Learn more about the Box Tops Reading Room.

Bonus opportunities – Enter sweepstakes and participate in other promotions to earn cash for MQP school. Learn more about bonus opportunities.

About Labels for Education®

For more than 37 years, Labels for Education has been awarding free educational equipment to schools in exchange for proofs of purchase from the Campbell family of brands. It’s a fun, easy program where students, families and members of the community work together for a common goal.

Today, over 60,000 schools and organizations are registered with Labels for Education, benefiting more than 42 million students. Over the years, we’ve been able to provide more than $110 million in merchandise to America’s schools!

About Save Five for Schools®

The program is simple. It works like this:

  1. Buy gallons of LAND O LAKES® Milk, Orange Juice or Chocolate Milk.
  2. Save the caps with the Save Five For Schools® stickers.
  3. Bring the caps to your local school.
  4. Send the caps in with the enclosed Redemption Form [minimum 2,000 caps].
  5. A check will be sent to your school.

About Recycling Caps for Aveda:

Save all the caps from your:

  1. Shampoo Bottles
  2. Milk Containers
  3. Beverage Bottles
  4. Pharmaceutical Bottles
  5. Detergent Bottles

Caps are sent to recycler to be ground, washed and pelletized. The pelletized materal is used to mold new caps for packaging on Aveda products.

Program Category

  • Fundraisers