Elementary School

Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School stands on the long tradition of Catholic School excellence. We have a well known track record for helping all students achieve more. What is the secret? We are a community who values education and has a long range vision. Every student who is here is here because their parents made a conscious choice. This alone raises the bar. But we are more than a private school. Every child here is a child of God and is capable of amazing things. Our students learn of their unlimited potential through the teachings of our Catholic faith.

Our Divine mission does not allow us to underestimate our students. We are called to push students to achieve all God has set out for them. Students of all levels find success. Our academic program is designed to meet students where they are at. When this is found we get to work. Academic achievement is one way to measure our success. This school is also a great place to be. Everyone knows your name. Helping hands and role models abound. Our school also strives to be a place of peace. A place where our role model Jesus Christ acknowledges our shortcomings and urges us to learn from mistakes and to try again.

Academic achievement is a given in such an atmosphere.


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