Scrip is fundraising while you shop!®

See Scrip Order Form and a list of all Participating Retailers to start shopping.


Raise money by shopping with gift cards for everyday purchases like food, clothing, and entertainment. It’s the powerful, “no-selling” fundraiser. Scrip is gift certificates purchased by MQP from national and local retailers at a discounted price. The certificates are re-sold to members of our school and parish community, which generates funds for our school without additional cost to participants. Families generate revenue for MQP through purchases they are already making.

For example:

*You shop at Cub Foods for groceries, and your average expense is about $400 monthly. Purchase $400 in Cub SCRIP, and MQP earns 5%, or $20 through your purchase! If only 50 families did this every month, MQP could earn $1000 monthly, or $12,000 a year!

*Your business uses Menards or Home Depot for your supplies/materials needs. Purchase $1000 in Menard’s or Home Depot SCRIP, and MQP earns 4%, or $40 through your purchase!

SCRIP Office

The SCRIP office is located inside Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School. You can stop by to purchase SCRIP on Thursdays from 8:15-9:00 am when school is in session. Or contact the School Office to make other arrrangements to purchase SCRIP.


If you have questions regarding SCRIP, please contact the School Office at or 763-428-2355.

Thank you for your continued support of our valuable SCRIP program!

Program Category

  • Fundraisers