Mrs. Kate Hamill Accepts Principal Position

January 16, 2019
Dear Mary Queen of Peace Families,
It is with great delight that we announce our interim principal, Mrs. Kate Hamill, has now transitioned into a permanent full-time principal.  She has been a wonderful addition to our school and parish family and we look forward to a very bright future at Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School.  Please see note from Principal Hamill below.
God bless,
Father Michael Kaluza

Dear Mary Queen of Peace Families, 

I am excited and thrilled to be part of a parish community with such wonderful students, amazing families, dedicated teachers, outstanding staff and volunteers!
I am passionate about Catholic education! I have worked in Catholic schools for more than 19 years! I taught second, fourth and fifth grade as well as served as the Admissions Director of a 7-12 Catholic High School before beginning my career as a school administrator.  During my years as a teacher,  I spent a great deal of time working on committees and supporting new curriculum initiatives with student growth opportunities.  As the principal, I have been involved in faith formation development of staff and parishioners, aligning curriculum standards and increasing technology in the classroom to create an environment where all students learn to the best of their ability through differentiated instruction.
It  is my goal and priority to provide leadership that highlights differentiated instruction. Parents, teachers and staff all have an important role to support our children to be active learners. If you ever have a concern or questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me.   
I feel very fortunate and I am excited to be part of such a special community at Mary Queen of Peace.
Peace and Joy,
Mrs. Kate Hamill
Mrs. Hamill can be reached at 763-428-2355 or